I'm Sick of Your Medicine

by Ampersand / Conor Bryant

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A collection of songs written and recorded near immediately after writing them, using exclusively first takes. A stream of consciousness from late 2015 to early 2016.
All proceeds go to PAPYRUS- a charity for the prevention of young suicide. www.papyrus-uk.org
A supplementary piece about the writing of the record can be found at www.averycoldnight.com.


released July 3, 2016

Recorded here, there, and everywhere.
Witten, performed, recorded and edited by Conor Bryant.
Mastered by Jake Aylward (graveyardproductionhouse@gmail.com).
Released by 'A Very Cold Night'.


all rights reserved



Ampersand / Conor Bryant UK

British musician, producer, and audio engineer.

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Track Name: Over & Under
I need to leave this place;
I need to find somewhere new,
To hang my head.

I'm over and under,
Over and under you.

I need to leave this city,
I need to find some new lines,
To walk beside,
And oh, it looked so pretty,
But then it turned around,
And watched me fall,
again and again,
Again and again,
Track Name: Mansion
Track Name: Stairwell
I remember the last time I saw your face,
I made such a miserable mistake,
Out onto the landing, down the stairs,
I left, there were no more words.
Track Name: The Red Dog
Track Name: I'm Sick of Your Medicine
I feel like white noise, and have for so long,
I fell from, the edge of the world,
The bridges burnt, and ash stained my feet,
I'm sick of your medicine,
I'm sick of your medicine.

I've said goodbye,
To sun and snow,
The words I say,
They are not me,
The holes in your palms,
Ink on your arms,
You cut your hair,
You do not glow,
From broken phones,
To moving homes,
I caught a train,
Late one night,
I had no breath,
There was no voice,
Quiet resolve,
In tales we told.
Track Name: Dilute, Dilute, Dilute
I'll always watch your back brother,
If you'll always watch mine,
I'll always hold your hand sister,
If you take the time,
But rain is falling,
And cracks are forming.

We will dilute.

We need to come to the surface now,
And breathe in what we have done,
Move away from this wreckage,
Escape this iron lung,
But we'd be lying,
If we weren't crying.
Track Name: (?)
Track Name: Hands
Hey there, please can you tell me my name,
Because I don't think I know it anymore,
I'm drowning in myself,
And I've forgotten how to swim.

The hours go by,
Without me now,
You were my rock,
My safety net,
I need to move,
Find some air,
To breathe.

Take my heart from out of your hands.

Words fail me when I try to speak,
And language is lost on me,
My brain doesn't function,
Blood doesn't pump,
I can't communicate what I think.

Because you were my tongue,
You were my thoughts,
You were the only thing I knew,
I need to move,
Find my words

Take my heart from out of your hands,
You don't need it anymore.
Track Name: Undertow
I'm counting all the days,
Since it went and rained on me,
The sun breaks through the trees,
Hurts my eyes and warms my bones,
You're trusting me to find,
A way to move a day at a time.

Well grief comes in waves, I've found,
Not gentle tides- but undertow.
Track Name: C (Anchors, Hearts)
This was not meant to be it,
Where are the streets that I called my own?
We were not meant to do this,
Day after day spent shouting on the phone.

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